You Will Be A Money Magnet – 10 Crazy Ideas


This article is based on the principal that having a great, positive relationship with money will help attract it to you. Not sure of that crazy idea? Why not give it a try and see if it doesn’t work for you!
See if you can try to make each of the following 10 points more and more true for you:



1. I Love Paying My Bills
Rather than grumbling about having to pay your bills, why not enjoy the fact that you received such services and you have the means to pay for them?! This encourages you to feel great about money as a force in your life.

2. I Love My Job
Your job is probably your main source of income. Are you directing good energy or negative energy towards this whole scenario? I am going to suggest to you that having a situation where you love what you do is going to result in more financial success for several reasons. You may be able to enjoy what you are doing now by changing some things or even your attitude towards it, or maybe a job change is in order. But enjoying your main way of obtaining money, is a good way to get more money!

3. I Love and Appreciate Others
What type of energy to you send out into the world? You will be rewarded with all types of abundance when you give out what you want to receive. (As long as you don’t try to give out more than you have to give…Remember to love and appreciate yourself as your first step.)

4. I Tithe or Give Regularly to Charity
Why does this work to increase your abundance? There are lots of reasons, including:

  • Demonstrates your gratefulness for what you do have
  • Puts energy towards things you really care about
  • Demonstrates that you believe that more money will be coming to you

5. My Aim is to Improve Myself
It has been shown that true happiness and fulfillment comes for most people by continuously striving to become a better person. If you concentrate on this, more money will be a natural consequence.



6. I am sure I will always have more than enough of everything.
Is this challenging for you? I am going to suggest to you that relaxing a bit and feeling sure that you will always have financial abundance will not only feel better, enabling you to function better, but will also attract more of what you want towards you. Try it and find out!

7. Success Can be Easy, Without a Lot of Hard Work
The problem with believing that success comes through hard work, is you always have to work hard to make money! And, who is the judge of if you are working hard enough? This can turn out to be a trap for some people. Why not try the idea on for size that success comes when you are true to yourself? See what happens!

8. I don’t get stressed out when I think about my financial obligations.
This is related to item 1. If every time you think about money, you are sending out bad energy and getting stressed out, this will translate into your comfort, attitude and actions around money. Try enjoying the fact that you do live in a country where you do have the ability to make money and meet your obligations, which, after all, represent products and services that you have or will enjoy.

9. I celebrate my income/paychecks.
Hey, let’s enjoy the money you *do* have coming in! That’s a no-brainer! (No matter what the level is at for now.)

10. Life is fun.
If you are having a good time…a *really* good time, not the kind of good time that is just fooling yourself and leaves you feeling empty afterward…chances are you are living a life that expresses your values and who you really are. This leads to living life with passion, and getting excited about your work. This leads to better, more focused effort, better results, and more money!