The Best Poses For Falling Asleep


Does anything feel worse than insomnia? You’re tired before you lay down, but as soon as your head hits the pillow, your mind starts going. You think about everything you need to do the next day, analyze conversations you had during the day, and start to worry about falling asleep.

Before you know it, it’s 3:00 A.M. and you’re still wide awake. Over-the-counter and prescription sleep medications can have serious side effects. Yoga is completely natural and it can help you fall asleep quickly and easily.

Struggling with Insomnia

Insomnia is a common problem that affects millions of people. It can have serious and long-lasting effects on your health. Sleep deprivation can give you brain fog, make it difficult to concentrate on your daily responsibilities, and slow your reaction times.

Furthermore, insomnia can weaken your immune system and wear you down physically, leaving you unable to meet your daily obligations and enjoy your daily life.

The Best Yoga Poses for Falling Asleep

Yoga can be an excellent treatment for insomnia. The journal Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback reports on a recent study that showed yoga to be effective for people suffering from chronic insomnia. Yoga help these people get more sleep and a higher quality of sleep. Try these poses before bed to get your body ready for sleep.

  • Butterfly: Butterfly is a great yoga pose to start your bedtime yoga routine. Sit down with your weight evenly distributed and your legs out in front of you. Bend your knees, turn them out to the side, and bring the soles of your feet together. Only pull your feet in until you start to feel some resistance. You may flutter your legs to loosen your hip flexors and hamstrings.
  • Reclined butterfly: Reclined butterfly is very similar to butterfly. Lay down on your back with your legs out straight. Slowly bring your legs in so they are in the same position as seated butterfly. You may want to press your hands down on your thighs to deepen the stretch.
  • Supine twist: A deep rooted supine twist can relax your entire body and get you into the perfect mindset for sleep. Lay down on your back and bring your arms up to a T. Bend your knees, keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Slowly drop your knees to one side, turning and looking over the opposite shoulder. Hold and then switch sides.
  • Thread the needle: Come to your knees and rest your hands on your knees. Take your right hand, reach it under your left arm, and lower until your right shoulder is on the ground. Hold and switch.
  • Corpse pose: To end your practice, to go corpse pose. Slowly recline to your back and drop your arms out to the side, letting your hands fall open to the ceiling. Hold until you feel completely relaxed and let yourself fall asleep.

Yoga could be the solution that you’ve been looking for. If sleep eludes you, give this routine a try every night and see how quickly you can drift off to sleep.


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