Why You Shouldn’t Drink Milk


The importance of calcium has been well documented over the years. Providing your body with enough calcium is very important to your health. In fact there are a number of calcium rich foods and drinks you should be consuming. These foods and drinks ensure that your body has what it needs to function appropriately.

Calcium plays an important role in muscle contraction, transmitting messages through nerve cells. If you do not provide your body with enough calcium it could take it away from your bones, which in turn would weaken them.

Although dairy products are a great source of calcium they are not the only way in which to acquire the proper amounts. Here is a list of 7 foods that you could be eating that have been proven to provide your body with enough calcium.

1. Spinach

Spinach is just amazing overall. It is one of the most versatile vegetables on the market, and has been enjoyed for many years by people all over the world. There is roughly 250 mg of calcium per cup of spinach. This plant is especially useful for people who enjoy a plant-based diet.

2. Sardines

Sardines happen to be the most calcium dense food in America. There are 321 mg of calcium in a ½ can of sardines. Whether or not you like eating sardines you should be considering them as a healthy source of calcium.

3. Kale

There is a reason why kale is recognized as one of the healthiest foods on the market today. It is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, and calcium. Kale contains 90 mg of calcium per cup. Next time you are making a delicious salad you should definitely consider adding kale.

4. Orange Juice

A glass of fresh orange juice contains roughly 500 mg of calcium per one 8-ounce glass. Let us not forget the pure deliciousness that is incorporated into this popular beverage.

5. White Beans

Not only are white beans delicious, they are also a wonderful source of calcium and iron. There is 191 mg of calcium in one cup of white beans, which just goes to show you that you don’t have to eat a lot of them to get what you need.

6. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are not only packed with caffeine, they are also loaded with calcium. Per ¼ cup of sesame seeds there is about 350 mg of calcium. Now that is something to think about next time you are enjoying some Asian cuisine.

7. Tofu

This meaty plant based alternative is loaded with calcium. Not only is tofu a good source of protein it also has 861 mg of calcium in a ½ cup.

For all your calcium needs you can choose to eat any of these 7 foods. They are all a great food source of calcium, and can all be found at any health food store. Not to mention they are all delicious if added appropriately to certain dishes.

Don’t just look towards milk as a source of calcium anymore. There are many other alternatives that can be implanted into your diet, so take advantage of them!