Watch Out For These Painful Injuries By Using These Tips


Scrapes and bruises are one thing, but, serious injuries to your ligaments, tendons and muscles are no joke. Pain does not always equal gain, what follows below is the complete guide of exercise injuries to avoid when optimizing your physical fitness.

If you are someone who plays a physically demanding sport you know that getting hurt is sometimes just a part of the game. That said every athlete no matter their level of experience knows the one place you don’t want to get injured is in the gym.  The fact is your workouts are meant to help you not harm you.

Exercise Injury Prevention

Exercise is about more than feeling good, when you engage in any kind of workout you are actively trying to better your body, but, sometimes the very action we are taking to improve internal aspects of our health, such as cardiovascular health, can actually do major damage to our exterior health.

Without properly warming up your body you can unknowingly over exert your muscles, strain ligaments in joints or cause micro fractures in your bones. Here are some of the worst injuries you can inflict on your body and a few tips on how to avoid them.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear

The dreaded ACL tear, this particular injury is by far every athlete’s worst nightmare. For anyone who is attempting to gain better health, an ACL tear will prove to be a significant obstacle in their health in devours.

ACL injuries are usually caused by sudden jarring impact from the side, mostly seen in contact sports like football and rugby, but can also occur during other activities such as jumping, hip hop dancing and sudden stops when running.

To avoid this injury, brace for impact when jumping by landing on your toes and bending your knees. If suddenly and violently hit from the side in a contact sport try to get feet off up and away from the ground.

Ankle Fracture

Ankle sprains might be one of the most common injuries in all of sports, no matter what type of running sport you participate in your ankles (if not properly stretched) are at serious risk of injury over time.

Ankle fracture injuries are caused in the same way that ankle sprains are caused; when you land awkwardly on your ankle it can invert causing a tear in ligaments or micro fractures in the bone.

Ankle fractures are very hard to avoid simply because of how suddenly they can occur. To keep your ankles in good health be observant of your surroundings. And avoid landing on or stepping on objects that could force this injury to occur.

Hamstring Strain

Hamstring strains are a common self-induced injury, this injury usually occurs when sprinting, running or over stretching starching. A hamstring strain can easily be identified by the sharp pain felt in the back of the thighs followed by a dull constricting pain.

Preventing hamstring injuries is surprisingly easy.  All you need to do is warm them with a light paced jog for about 2-4 hundred meters and then use a soft ball or foam roller to massage the back of your legs.

By avoiding these common injuries you can be sure to improve your workouts and never have to miss out on exercising again.

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