4 Exercises to Reduce Hanging Arm Fat Without Gym Equipment

When it comes to getting in shape for summer, a lot of focus gets placed on abs and getting a ripped six pack. While a flat stomach can certainly do a load of good for your look and your confidence though, it is only one small piece of a much larger puzzle. If you have flabby arms for instance, then this is going to completely ruin that bikini-body and undermine all the rest of your hard work.

So how do you get them toned and taut?

The Basics of Flabby Arms

If your arms are looking flabby, then you need to understand what’s at play here. Essentially, flabby arms are the result of excess fat collecting around the upper arm and of a low muscle tone. Burning fat is one way to fix this then but note that you can’t ‘target’ fat loss.

In other words, you can’t determine the order that the fat will fall off meaning that you don’t get to pick and choose where you get slimmer first. What you can target though is muscle toning and here, the precise muscles you use will determine the areas that get firmer.

The best strategy for less flabby arms then is to keep doing ‘general’ cardio work while also doing some specific exercises to strengthen the muscle – and particularly the triceps (the part right underneath.

The Exercises

Wall Push-Ups

Push-ups are an excellent exercise for strengthening both your pecs and your triceps and can even help with your shoulders. Unfortunately a lot of people can’t quite manage push-ups and push-ups on the knees are uncomfortable.A quick and easy alternative then is to do push-ups against a wall.

Simply lean against the wall with your hands and then lower yourself towards it and push away with steady control.

Floor Dips

The floor dip is another great exercise that is essentially a variation on another movement. Chair dips are dips that you perform with your hands on a chair behind you. Floor dips meanwhile move the chair and instead have you sitting on the floor resting on your hands behind you with your legs bent.

You’ll be raising your buttocks off the floor and then bending your arms to lower yourself backwards. Then push up again and repeat.

Half Circle Rotations

These train the shoulders and also tone the rest of the arm by forcing you to keep it straight. Just hold your arms out to your sides so they are completely straight and then draw little circles in a clockwise and counter clockwise direction. Repeat until it starts to burn, then take a rest and then go again!

Table Top Rows

Rows work the lats but they also strengthen the biceps. To perform them without weights, hold onto a steady table top with both hands and have your legs bent. Now bend your legs more to lean back, before using your arms to pull yourself back in towards the table. And repeat.

If you don’t have a table top then you can perform a similar exercise by wrapping a towel around something stable and holding onto that.





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