This Will Be A Shocker: Pictures Of How Noodles Harm Your Stomach (And How To Prevent It)


Not all noodles are the same. There are noodles that are only half prepared and highly processed. Those noodles are mostly from the cheap aisle of the grocery store and they are dangerous for your stomach, as they are very difficult to digest.

Those kind of noodles are very popular as they are very cheap and prepared very quickly. Especially in our fast paced society families find it hard to maintain a lifestyle that consist of home cooked meal. But, beware as those noodles are a burden to your stomach as they are sitting much longer than homemade pasta.

Some researchers placed a camera in the stomach to compare the digestion of Ramen noodles to homemade noodles and when you watch the video you will be shocked when you see the pictures, as the difference is unbelievable. You will find that the organism is spending way too much time and energy to digest the half prepared noodles.

Here now the video: