The Dangers of Shapewear & Waist Training On The Body


Waist training is the body craze and celebrities are swearing by it for their hourglass figures.

Shapewear has always been popular, I mean, who wouldn’t want to hide the unflattering bulges and unwanted fat? Especially for a night out, shapewear could seem like the perfect solution to having missed a workout or two during the week.

But shapewear and waist training has its downfalls, as many “quick skinny” schemes do.

What is waist training and shapewear?

Shapewear is the use of any garment to mold your body to a different, skinner shape; think Spanx.  Many women use it not knowing the dangers it may hold for their bodies.

Waist training specifically refers to the use of a garment to “train” your wait to be smaller. Usually done with a tight corset, women have been using this technique to achieve an unrealistic hourglass figure.

Beauty is Pain… With Consequences

A tight squeeze into shapewear could be costing you your health. With numerous consequences to essentially lying about your body type, is it really even worth it? The list below outlines all the health problems that may arise from waist training or shapewear.

The Dangers of Shapewear 1. Bowel Compression

Do you like using the washroom while wearing shapewear? Me neither. It’s a hassle and most people end up holding it in. This is probably the worst thing you can do when nature calls as it adds stress to the bladder. The additional pressure on the abdominal area could also provoke episodes in those with IBS.

2. Organ Compression

Shapewear’s job is to suck everything in and slim you down. This also means you’re compressing the space of your stomach, colon, and intestines. This will affect your digestive tract by slowing the flow of digestion or even stop it altogether.

3. Numbness

Shapewear can lead to meralgia paresthetica, the compression of the thighs. This causes tingling, numbness, and above all, pain by slowing the blood circulation which could also cause blood clots. Sitting in shapewear? You can expect varicose veins and lymph congestion.

4. Trouble Breathing

Inhaling causes the diaphragm to expand and the abdomen to flare out. But with waist training and shapewear, this movement is restricted and obstructs breathing. Good luck not passing out!

5. Not Good for the Muscle

You can forget that toned, well-built body after putting on shapewear because it restricts the muscles from doing what their actually supposed to do!

The only way to achieve a slimmer, toned body is to work for you. You can’t just cover your body up and expect it to form that perfect shape on its own over time.

Once the garment comes off, your body goes back to its natural form.

So ditch the shapewear and pick up the weights. Exercise and a healthy diet are the healthiest ways to lose weight and achieve your dream figure.