7 Natural Alternatives To Dangerous Prescription Medications


Modern medicine has accomplished a lot, no doubt about it. However, in a day and age where the vast majority of American adults are on some type of prescription medication, you have to wonder how and if medications are being over-prescribed, particularly given the prevalence of side effects. From mental distress and heart issues to cholesterol and thyroid issues, there are prescription medications for just about any malady out there. Learn more about the most prescribed medications in the United States and natural alternatives.

Pain medications containing hydrocodone

Medications like Vicodin and acetaminophen top the list. These medications can be habit-forming and can lead to addiction, giving many users good reason to get off of them and stay off of them. Serious side effects include seizures, cardiac arrest, and respiratory distress. For natural pain relief, try adding foods like celery seed, cherries, cayenne pepper, and ginger to your diet.

Lisinopril and Norvasc

Together, Lisinopril and Norvasc are used to combat heart disease and its many side effects, including hypertension, angina, and heart attacks. However, these medications have some of the most serious potential side effects on this list. Rare side effects include blood disorders, elevated glucose levels, skin conditions, impotence, and depression. To enjoy the benefits of these medications naturally, eat plenty of foods that are high in potassium and foods that are high in vitamin C.


Statins are a class of drug that lower cholesterol levels. It’s no surprise how much they’re prescribed, given the prevalence of high cholesterol in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, these medications come with many side effects, including inflammation, kidney failure, and breakdown of muscle. Some foods that may naturally lower your cholesterol include spinach, licorice root, turmeric, nuts, and green tea.


Reflux disease is fairly common around the world, and omeprazole is used to treat heartburn, reflux disease, and other gastrointestinal issues. Plenty of foods can mimic the effects of omeprazole, including baking soda, broccoli, grapefruit, aloe vera juice, and manuka honey.


Patients with hypothyroidism may take Synthroid to imitate the effects of a functioning thyroid gland. This is a particularly dangerous drug because it’s very difficult to get off of it once you start taking it. To boost your thyroid function, make sure your diet includes plenty of selenium, copper, iron, and zinc. You may also want to get more foods that are rich in iodine.


Metformin is most commonly prescribed to type 2 diabetics. Research has found a huge variety of foods that can naturally lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, including cinnamon, oatmeal, broccoli, chia seeds, green beans, and strawberries.


We are all seeing the effects of an antibiotic-dependent society, and in fact, some experts believe we are headed toward a post-antibiotic age. In the event of infection, you may be able to get it under control with garlic, turmeric, grapeseed extract, and probiotics.

When something goes wrong in your body, a prescription medication isn’t always the answer. Try a natural remedy and see how it can benefit your body and your health.