My Spiritual Body Had Died

How could it be that we let our love fall

There were times in our life that we had it all

As the weather got colder my attention did shift

but I could never be ready for this.



Yes my attitude changed. Then you cut me so deep

Is it possible to push a woman to cheat?

So I pray not for gold nor for worldly riches

I pray for strength, wisdom and forgiveness


Did I not tell you enough how beautiful you are

Do I deserve the bleeding of this never healing scar

Would it be different that night if I said please don’t go?

That me and the kids love you, that you’re food for my soul.


But I didn’t swore and hollered with names

Not knowing our love would never be the same

Then you told me what happened and I started to cry

And I felt like half of my spiritual body had died



As much as you’re sorry, should I take some of the blame?

Should I forgive and forget? Would you do the same?

Is our marriage worth saving? Have I anymore to give this?

I ask the Lord for strength, wisdom and forgiveness