Like To Lose Weight? Then Here Is Why You Must Stop Drinking Cold Water!


If you currently start your day with a strong cup of coffee or even a cup of tea, then it might be time to consider changing that habit. In particular, you should consider swapping your morning brew for a simple mug of warm water. This can have considerable and impressive benefits for your health, so read on and we’ll look at what some of those are:


Warm water in the morning can help to stimulate digestion and will cleanse your digestive tract of toxins. Why? Well for starters, water is very important for digestion and helps us to dissolve and absorb the food we eat. Many vitamins and water soluble and we require water simply to produce enzymes.

Cold water is less effective at breaking down food when compared to warm water and can even thicken fats resulting in fatty deposits. Caffeine isn’t as good because it actually acts to dehydrate your body as a diuretic.

Relieves Constipation

Warm water is actually a pretty good tool for relieving constipation and encouraging bowel movements. Constipation is often a result of poor ‘peristalsis’ while cramps and bloating can be caused by low water in the body. Drinking water first thing will rehydrate you and get everything working again.

Fights Menstrual Pain

Warm water is one of the very best remedies for menstrual cramps. As we’ve already seen, water in general is great for combating cramps of all sorts because it helps to balance electrolytes. At the same time though, warm water in particular is very soothing and can act as a muscle relaxant – especially once it’s inside the gut.

It also stimulates capillary circulation which relaxes muscles.

Melts off the Pounds!

Drinking hot water is actually very good for burning fat. That’s because it increases the body temperature which in turn raises your metabolism leading to more calories burned. It also helps to support efficient function of your internal organs such as the kidneys.

Stimulates Circulation

As we mentioned already, warm water is a vasodilator. This means that it widens the veins and arteries thus allowing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to get around the body. The result is that you have more energy and that you perform better throughout the day.

Slows Ageing

If you want to stay looking young and sprightly, then warm water can help. It does this by helping to flush the body of toxic deposits and this in turn can combat aging. Warm water also helps with the absorption of elastin in your diet resulting in more flexible skin. Finally, water is necessary for encouraging more hydration in the skin itself, which reduces blemishes and other imperfections.

So there you have it: plenty of great reasons to drink more warm water! And one more is that it’s simply a good alternative to tea and coffee. Enjoyable though tea and coffee are, they also upset your brain’s natural levels of neurotransmitters – particularly adenosine and dopamine. This in turn can lead to addiction and that’s one of the reasons we often feel groggy in the morning!