It Is All In The Palm Of Your Hand: Push These Points To Eliminate Your Pain



This is quiet simple and certainly a great way to try to eliminate your pain without possible dangerous pain medication. Simply follow the instructions by looking below and on the info graphic.


  • Press the thumb point, which means, what hurts you in the body – for 5 seconds
  • Release your thumb – 3 seconds.
  • Then press again … repeat this for several minutes.
  • When prolonged massage at least once a day – after a week you will feel much better.



  • Is there any scientific proof of this? There are no sources or anything? Very strange.

    • Jolanta Kowalewska

      why dont you try it..nothing to loose…for sure ther are no side effects opposite to medicine and chemicals…we are the proof if it helps…:)

  • Misa Olsen

    These appear to look like points for acupuncture or acupressure (acupuncture with out needles). What concerns me is that some of these points may be dangerous for pregnant women. Points that affect the gynecological system and moves strong Ki down the body can result in miscarriage. Please talk to a professional mid-wife, doula, massage therapist or acupuncturist before attempting any points.