Keep Your Lipstick On Your Lips With This Brilliant Stain-Proof Method


Lipstick is the defining part of many different makeup looks. Whether you go bright or muted, matte or glossy, you don’t want your lipstick wearing off the first time you kiss someone or take a drink of coffee. Instead of spending tons of money on stain-proof lipsticks that are full of chemicals, try this simple trick to stain-proof your lipstick.

Bleeding Lipstick?

You may wonder why your lipstick bleeds. After all, isn’t it made specifically to stay on your lips? However, your lips are constantly flaking. No matter how much you try to prepare your lips for lip color, you’re bound to have flaking skin that takes your color with it.

Some colors are more prone to bleeding colors than others. Matte and toned-down colors seem to last longer, while bright red lipstick is notorious for needing frequent reapplication. If you’re popping out your compact mirror to put lipstick on more often than you would like, try this tip to make your color last.

Make Your Lipstick Stay Put

It’s important to properly prep your lips for lip color before you begin this process. Using a simple sugar scrub on your lips can exfoliate them and get rid of excess dead skin. This lessens the amount of skin that can come off of your skin later.

You may also want to use a lip primer. This evens out the texture of your lips and gives a smooth foundation for your lip color.

Next, apply your lip color in a smooth, even layer. Make sure your lips are well-coated and even. Once you try this tip, your lipstick isn’t going anywhere, so you want it to be perfect!

Take a tissue and pull the two sheets apart. This should leave you with two thin, porous tissue sheets. Take one and press it against your lips. Take your time and use your fingers to press the napkin into your lips so that it covers all the crevices of your mouth.

Now, take a small eyeshadow brush and dip it into some dusting powder. Just use whatever you use to set your foundation. Make sure the brush is well-coated—most of the powder won’t end up on your lips, so you don’t have to worry about dulling your color.

Use small sweeping motions to apply the facial powder directly to the tissue over your lips. Use a bit of pressure so that you are pressing the tissue more into your lips. Tiny bits of the powder will permeate the tissue and help set your lipstick without changing the color.

Carefully remove the tissue and dispose of it. Press the other piece of tissue to your lips. There should be no color left when you take the tissue off!

This amazing trick can save you money on lipstick, keep you from having to put on new lip color every hour, and give you beautiful, lasting color. Even inexpensive lipsticks will get longer wear with the powder trick!