How To Regenerate Your Immune System And Shed Weight In 72 Hours


It’s no secret that your immune system is one of the most important parts of your body. Without a working immune system, you are vulnerable to every single bug, bacteria, and virus that you come across over the course of the day. This is particularly dangerous if you work with children, the elderly, or others who come into frequent contact with illness.

However, there are many ways that you can strengthen your immune system and make sure that it can face whatever challenges you throw its way. Recent research in the field of immunity has uncovered a new way for even those with the most challenged immune systems to recover.

Challenges Your Immune System Faces

Your immune system is a lot like a muscle. In order to stay strong, you have to exercise it. This means regularly introducing it to bugs and illnesses that it can fight off with a little work. This happens naturally, simply by interacting with people, so it isn’t something you have to work at.

However, like a muscle, the immune system can get overworked. If your immune system is constantly being bombarded by illnesses or disease that overwhelm it, it gets weaker and weaker. As a result, it becomes more susceptible to illnesses that other people might otherwise be able to overcome.

The remedy you are about to learn about allows you to hit the reset button on your immune system, strengthen your body, and enjoy the natural immunity your body gives you.

The Secret to Regenerating Your Immune System

The most recent research on immune regeneration comes from the University of Southern California. To study immunity regeneration, they looked at patients who are going through chemotherapy to treat cancer. As you may know, this is one of the most vulnerable immune states someone can be in, since chemotherapy weakens the body’s natural defenses against disease.

Folk wisdom says that you have to feed the body to heal it. However, this latest research says the complete opposite. Researchers found that fasting for 72 hours kept the immune system from getting weaker as a result of chemotherapy. In addition, fasting actually encouraged the immune system to renew itself and regenerate.

The results from this study have been replicated both in mice and in human clinical trials. Researchers are hopeful that it can be applied to humans across the board, not just those are undergoing chemotherapy.

Those who advocate fasting for health allows the body to focus on rest and healing, which is what it needs to be doing after illness. If your body has to focus on digestion and fighting off bugs that might come into your body via your food, it takes longer to heal and regenerate. Simply put, rest is the priority at this stage of recovery. If you want to apply this knowledge to your own life, keep in mind that these results refer to intermittent fasting. This means not fasting for any longer than 72 hours at a time. During that time, you can rely on water and clear liquids to sustain your body and encourage healing.


  • swiftly

    I have been fasting for 48 hours, every month for at least twenty years. I have remained the same 7 1/2 stones I weighed at 20 years of age, I have had four children in that time. I have never dieted and I generally eat what I like. I rarely get sick or catch common colds, flu’s or bugs. When fasting remain hydrated, drink plenty of water, peppermint tea or Aloe juice as it staves off hunger and cleanses you from the inside.
    This article promises weight loss in 72 hours – do not believe that, any weight that is lost will be back on as soon as you begin eating again. Or you may not notice it due to increase in fluids. The weight loss via fasting is more of a gradual thing that will definitely happen in a length of time not overnight. Also this article says 72 hours, I wouldn’t go for that straight off, first month 24, next 48 and slowly work up to 72. If you quicker than that the body may go into starvation panic mode and you will actually GAIN weight.
    When you return to food do not gorge out. Eat a small amount and allow your body some time to know if it is still hungry.

  • swiftly

    I forgot to add, the effects on your wellbeing will be felt within the first 24 hours. You WILL feel fantastic, fit and healthy. Your skin, hair and body will all benefit and it will be noticeable. Any pain you may be feeling will ease.

  • Diana Kishander

    So v only drink fluids for 3 days?