Hormonal Problems? Here Are 10 Herbs That Will Improve Your Endocrine System!


Bloating, buildup of fluids, and excess sweating are all major signs that something is going wrong with your body. The majority of fluid production occurs because of the endocrine system, a body system that influences nearly every important function that happens in your body.

Learn more about how fluids build up in the body, why this is a problem, and how you can use herbal medicine to flush out toxins and return your body to a state of optimal health.

Why and How Fluids Build Up

To figure out what is going on with your body, you have to figure out what kind of dampness and fluid accumulation is affecting you. You may notice that fluid is building up in your body. This often presents as bloating or edema. Edema occurs when one part of your body swells due to fluid buildup, leading to puffiness and tight skin.

However, you can also have an excess of fluids on your skin or being expelled from your body. This often occurs as a result of heat, which raises your body temperature and causes your body to sweat. If you sweat too much, you may suffer from electrolyte imbalance or get heat stroke.

Herbs to Stop and Clear Out Excess Fluids

There are dozens of herbs that can be used to clear excess fluids out of the body. Generally, the goal of these herbs is to increase urination, as this is the quickest and most effective way to expel extra liquid.

When using these herbs, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. It is easy to become dehydrated when you’re using this type of herb, and dehydration can lead to serious health problems.

To start draining excess fluid from your body, try these herbs:

1. Zhu Ling: the sole purpose of this herb is to promote urination and get rid of dampness on or in the body.

2. Tong Cao: If dampness is your primary problem, this herb may help you bring your body back to a natural balance of moisture.

3. Mu Tong: In the event that heat is causing your fluid issues, you can use this herb to flush excess heat out of your body.

4. Hua Shi: Like mu tong, this herb is designed to help with heat fever. It is most often used for intense summer heat.

5. Jin Qian Cao: This herb works specifically on the liver and gallbladder to flush out fluid.

6. Ban Bian Lian: If your fluid buildup is leading to edema and swelling, you may wish to try this. This herb increases urination and reduces edema.

7. Bian Xu: If excess fluid is affecting the health of your skin, this herbal remedy may help you cure your skin of skin lesions.

Herbs That Strengthen Your Endocrine System

Balancing and strengthening your endocrine system is an excellent way to balance out your body’s fluid production. Try these herbs for endocrine system function:

1. Ashwagandha: In traditional medicine, this herb is often used for people with adrenal fatigue to promote rest and give the endocrine system time to heal.

2. Astragalus: This is a gentle herbal treatment that can improve endocrine function.

3. Licorice: With regular use, licorice improves the health of the adrenal glands.