Correcting These 10 Common Mistakes Will Get You The Perfect Body


Working out is hard, especially for the super moms and busy ladies out there. You work hard all day, manage your entire family, and essentially their entire lives, and yet you still find a way to keep in shape. Could you be doing more to look even better, or less?


Following a proven women’s health program, or a healthy eating regimen is very beneficial to your health. But everyone cuts corners at some point or another, and whether or not you know you’re cutting corners is up to you.

There are many different ways in which women make mistakes that end up costing them a little bit of the progress they worked so hard for. I’m here to discuss the top 7 workout blunders women make. Cutting these mistakes out of your life will ensure that you get into the best shape physically possible.

The Top 7 Workout Mistakes:

1. Bad Form!

There is no point in doing anything at the gym if you are not doing it the right way. Bad form is the most important thing you can practice while working out. If your form is bad you will not give your muscles the proper workout they need to develop.


You could also hurt yourself by having bad form so be careful, ask someone who knows what they are doing if you are confused.

2. Not Having a Game Plan

You must know exactly what you are doing, and when you are doing it, as soon as you begin your workout. Working out without any knowledge of what you are doing is just dangerous. You are supposed to work certain muscles individually.

A full body workout is sometimes useful. But majority of the time you must have a weekly schedule that makes sure you are showing certain parts of your body the appropriate attention.

3. Overeating After a Workout

Everyone knows how this feels. You think just because you shredded a nice workout that your deserve to stuff your face with whatever you want. Well your body has other ideas. More often than not you overestimate how many calories you’ve actually worked off.

Going home and eating more calories than you burnt is actually counterproductive. Go home and eat lean, and always remember not to eat late at night. Load your meals with protein, and if need be measure your calories.

4. Get in That Weight Room!

Many women, and many men, are scared to enter the weight room because they feel they don’t measure up. That’s the whole point of the weight room! If you don’t measure up now the weight room will help you reach your goals much sooner than you think.  Get in there and strength train!

5. You Confuse Discomfort with Pain

Actually hurting and feeling uncomfortable are two different things. Sometimes that discomfort means you’re on the right track to success. Trust me, you’ll know when you’re really hurt. That discomfort is what should motivate you to push harder, to the point where it’s not uncomfortable anymore.

6. Following Other People’s Lead

Everyone is different, especially when it comes to working out. What might work for them might not be beneficial for you. I recommend that you follow your own cycle because there are certain exercises that you need to incorporate into your workout to make sure that you are successful. Sometimes following others is actually detrimental to your own health.

7. You’re Ignoring Intensity

How hard are you really going when you workout? This is a problem many people realize they have but do not correct for whatever reason. How can you expect to succeed if you’re not pushing yourself to the limits? Use a heart rate monitor to judge just how hard you are working. Try and push yourself to roughly 65% to 85% intensity to ensure a safe and successful workout.

Eliminate these mistakes from your pre workout, mid workout and post workout routines and I guarantee you’ll see phenomenal results. Get started today!

8. You’re Doing too Much Cardio

In terms of weight loss and muscle building, cardio-involving running is a slow and virtually ineffective way to get in shape. While you might drop pounds quickly you will be taking away from your muscles, the same muscles you worked so hard to develop.

Rather than doing straight cardio try weight lifting, which is another great way to burn calories. The more muscle you have the quicker your metabolism works. So essentially if you work your muscles more often you will burn more calories, which will result in weight loss.

9. You’re Using too Many Machines

Although the fitness machines at the gym are useful, it’s important that you don’t over use them. These machines are designed to isolate one muscle group at a time. Instead of using fitness machines all the time try and use free weights. The free weights help you work more than one muscle group at a time, which is better for you.

If you work more muscle groups at a time you will optimize your workout time and also burn more calories. So next time you’re at the gym spend more time using free weights in replacement of the machines.

10. Not Lifting Enough Weight!

This is a common problem many women don’t realize they have at the gym. If you can pound out 12 to 15 reps with any given weight, and feel as if you can do more afterwards, you should increase the amount of weight you are lifting. Keep in mind that you must maintain good form to get the most out of your workout.

Challenge yourself, when you increase your reps increase your weight as well. Don’t let yourself be average, push yourself to the limit and that is when you will see real change.