Burn Fat Like Never Before With This Coconut Treat Recipe


There are not many foods that have all the health benefits and popularity of coconut. In the last couple of years, people have started to discover the many benefits of using coconut oil in cooking, in oil pulling, and on their skin. If you want to treat yourself without ruining your diet, try these tasty coconut treats.

Health Benefits of Coconut

When you choose these coconut treats instead of a conventional candy or sweet, you are treating your body to the many nutrients and vitamins that coconut can provide. These are just a few of the health benefits of coconut:

Fatty acids: Coconut is an excellent source of fatty acids, which can strengthen your mind and protect you from mental degeneration caused by age.

Minimize hunger:  Since coconut is fairly high in healthy fats, it can make you feel full and help you avoid mindless snacking.

Boost your energy usage:  Eating coconut just once during the day can increase your energy usage, making it easier for your body to burn calories.

Lower blood cholesterol levels:  Regular consumption of coconut is linked to lower blood cholesterol levels. Over the course of your life, low blood cholesterol levels may decrease your risk of heart disease, one of the number one killers of American adults.

Fat loss:  When you look at the other health benefits of coconut, it makes sense that it can lead to fat loss. In particular, eating coconut is linked to lower levels of abdominal fat.

Coconut Cluster Recipe

Get your fill of coconut and the sweetness you need to get through the day with this tasty coconut cluster recipe. You likely have all the ingredients you need sitting in your pantry, and you don’t even need to cook this simple treat.

  • 2 cups of coconut oil
  • 1 cup of chia seeds
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

In a medium bowl, stir together the following ingredients. Ensure that all the ingredients are fully mixed together. The mixture should be smooth.

Next, drop the mixture by spoonfuls into candy molds or cupcake liners. Pop them into the refrigerator for a few hours. Once they are hardened, they are ready to eat!

Getting More Coconut in Your Diet

Once you try this coconut cluster recipe, you are sure to love it and turn to it whenever you need a little pick me up throughout the day. However, if you really love the flavor of coconut, there are other ways you can work it into your diet and enjoy its health benefits.

Coconut can be used to deepen the flavor of baked goods, like cakes, breads, and even ice cream.

When mixed with bread crumbs, coconut makes an excellent coating for fried or baked meats. This can give a tropical flavor to your meal and change up your normal recipes.

Coconut is one food that should definitely be part of your diet. Why not get started today with these tasty coconut clusters?



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