10 Pre and Post Eating Habits That Are Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals


For most people in the United States, dinner is the largest meal of the day. Though other cultures regard dinner as a light snack to prepare the body for rest, in this culture, dinner is the highlight of the day. However, if you do not follow simple rules before and after eating, you could be contributing to weight gain and digestive problems.

Before and after you eat dinner, simply remembering and following these little tricks can help you get the most from your meal, improve your digestion, and avoid unnecessary weight gain.

What You Must Remember Before Eating

It’s time for dinner and you’re ready to eat. Before you pick up your fork, remember these rules and utilize them to enjoy your meal as much as possible.

Start with a glass of water.  It is very easy to overeat at dinner, which can lead to a whole range of negative health effects. To avoid overeating, start with a full glass of water. This ensures that your hunger is actually hunger, not just dehydration.

Dress comfortably and loosely.  Tight close can make eating an unpleasant experience. While you shouldn’t eat so much that your close become tight, you do want to dress comfortably and in loose clothing. Tight clothes may cause stomach upset and bloating.

Important Things to Remember After Eating

What you do after a meal can determine how the rest of your night goes. Change your routine in these little ways for best results!

  • Stay awake.  It is tempting to go right to sleep after a big meal. However, digestion slows down when you’re sleeping, so you want to stay awake for at least one or two hours after eating.
  • Stay out of the shower. Like sleep, bathing can interrupt the natural process of digestion and worsen digestive side effects. Instead, try showering before dinner and going to your meal feeling fresh and clean.
  • Put the cigarette down.  To be fair, you shouldn’t be smoking at all. However, if you do, make sure you don’t do so after supper. This can leech the nutrients from the food you just ate and make you prone to overeating at dessert.
  • Brush your teeth.  Food can do plenty of damage to teeth, so it is important to remember to brush her teeth promptly after a meal. You especially want to remember this step if you eat food that is fatty, sugary, or acidic.
  • Go for a walk.  Going for a relaxing walk around the block can support the digestive process and help you avoid bloating after a meal.
  • But don’t be too active!  On that same note, excessive exercise can actually make you feel worse. Save intense exercise for earlier in the day and just go for a walk after dinner
  • Don’t treat yourself with fruit. Though it may seem nice to end a meal with fruit, fruit is known for causing bloating and stomach upset. Wait for a few hours to make sure you are really hungry before snacking on a piece of fruit.