Avoid These 5 Common Habits For Firm, Lifted Breasts


As we get older, ladies, things tend to fall out of place; specifically the breasts. It’s not always a pleasant experience and many women become self-conscious. Studies have shown that the breasts normally fall after 40, but it can occur earlier. Sagging breasts is a sign of loose skin and aging, and can happen at an earlier age if a woman has experienced pregnancy, according to the Oregon Institute of Breast Health Education.

The breasts are made up of connective tissues, glands, and fat and there are many reasons that could cause them to sag quicker. For a more lifted, firm breast for a longer period of time, try avoiding these things.

Common Habits to Avoid for Lifted Breasts


Smoking ages your skin all over and will cause the breasts to sag faster by breaking up your skins collagen. One 2008 study proved that women who lit up a cigarette had a higher risk factor for sagging breasts.


It’s common in women who diet to lose weight in the breasts first, and if weight loss occurs too quickly or multiple times, it can take a toll on the breasts. Maintaining an optimal weight size is key, as continuous weight loss will stretch and loosen the skin even in the breasts. This relaxing and stretching of the skin can lead to breast sag.


While some exercises and workouts can be great at firming and toning the breasts, high-intensity cardio workouts such as running can have negative effects.

The constant movement of the breasts while running will help loosen the skin and is a risk factor for sagging breasts.

Always pair cardio workouts with toning, weight training to maintain firm breasts.

UV Ray Exposure

Exposing the skin to sunlight without sunblock can cause your skin’s collagen to stretch. This will lead to sagging breasts, as well as premature wrinkles. So always make sure to wear protection.


According to a 15 year study conducted in France, women may benefit from going braless.

Professor of University of Franche-Comte states, “Medically, physiologically, anatomically, the breast does not benefit from being deprived of gravity.”

The study measured and examined the breasts of over 300 women between the ages of 18 and 35. Looking at bra support over time, Rouillon found that who ditched the bra developed more muscle tissue around the breasts for a natural support.

Women who went braless also saw a higher lift, having nipples in a lifted position in relation to the shoulders than women who wore bras.

The study shows that wearing bras prevented certain muscles from growing that held breasts up and could have been reason for accelerated sagging.

The study does not, however, mention breast size, and if you have wearing a bra for several decades, you may not get the desired effect from going braless.