Amazing Bread-less Sandwich Ideas That Will Make You Drool


There aren’t many foods that are more convenient than sandwiches. Even if you’re working, studying, or taking care of a child, you can use a free hand to take a quick bite whenever you’re hungry. But if you’ve decided to cut grains and gluten out of your diet, do you really have to say goodbye to sandwiches? Not at all! These breadless sandwich ideas can help.

Red bell pepper sandwich

By rooting around at the farmer’s market or grocery store, you can find long, thin red bell peppers. When cut in half, these make the perfect bread substitute. Just slice the pepper in half and cut out the seeds.

You can fill your sandwich with avocado, sandwich meat, cheese, or any other sandwich toppings you may like. The shape of a bell pepper also makes it perfect for holding a variety of sauces.

Cucumber sandwich

The crisp, light taste of cucumber makes it a good substitute for bread in a sandwich. Cucumbers are great in sandwiches, so why not? Cut a cucumber the long way. You can either leave the middle intact or scoop out some of the insides, depending on how wide the cucumber is.

I recommend filling your cucumber “bread” with tuna salad. The stickiness of this sandwich filling helps it cling to the cucumber, which is important when you’re using a wet vegetable like cucumber.

Cucumbers offer plenty of health benefits, so you’ll get way more from this sandwich than from any traditional sandwich. Regular consumption of cucumbers lowers inflammation, assists in digestion, protects your heart, and freshens your breath.

Eggplant sandwich

If you pick the right eggplant, it can make the world’s best sandwich. Eggplants taste nice and meaty, so they’re just as filling as bread. Grill the eggplant first to bring out its natural flavor and give it some crispness. You can slice the eggplant as thin as you’d like prior to grilling, depending on how many sandwich fillings you plan on using.

An eggplant’s taste lends itself to big, bold flavors. Use a sauce like balsamic vinegar or ranch to pump up the flavor of eggplant. Go ahead and add your choice of fillings—goat cheese, tomatoes, lunch meat, mushrooms, avocado, and spinach all fit well on an eggplant sandwich.

When you enjoy an eggplant sandwich, you can benefit from a huge range of vitamins and minerals. Eggplant is a natural source of chlorogenic acid, which is full of antioxidants. These antioxidants can destroy free radicals that lead to cancer.

Eggplant has a whole bevy of vitamins. Every bite of eggplant has vitamin A, B complex vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and fiber.

Going gluten-free can be great for your diet and your overall health, but it’s hard to give up foods you love. With these breadless sandwich ideas, you can still enjoy the convenience and yummy taste of a well-made sandwich. Next time you’re craving a sub, try one of these recipes and see how delicious a breadless sandwich can be.