Age Old Remedy For Bronchitis, Asthma, and Cough


We all get them at one time or another; a lung disease.

Whether it’s from infection or allergies, we suffer through coughs and congestion, trying everything to get rid of the unpleasant feeling in our chests.

Other lung diseases, such as asthma or traditional bronchitis, which cause inflammation, can be even more painful and hard to deal with.

We don’t have to suffer through these or even take harmful medication to help soothe and heal our lungs. As always, there is a tried and true home remedy passed down from our ancestors that can help reduce infections and pain in our respiratory system.

Onion and Honey Remedy for Traditional Bronchitis and Other Lung Diseases

Red Onions

Onions are a natural antimicrobial and prebiotic, the good bacteria that feeds probiotics to keep our digestive system working smoothly.

This pungent vegetable will help create a stimulating effect on the lungs by increasing circulation and sweating to help speed up the healing process of flu and colds.

Not only is the pungent flavor good for you, but also the component that makes our eyes water. This will act as a mild irritant to our stomach which sends signals to our lungs that it needs to create mucous-thinning secretions (this causes our nose and eyes to run).

Since many lung diseases like asthma are made worst with built-up mucous, the thinning of mucous will help reduce asthma attacks and coughing.

Need another reason red onions are great? The anthocyanins that give them their red pigment are extremely useful in the treatment and prevention of respiratory infections according to a 2002 study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research.


Lemons are a great fruit that aid in digesting alkalizing foods, which help mend damaged lung tissues.

They are also antibacterial and hold decongestant properties, so don’t be afraid to breathe in the lemon vapors during preparation of this remedy!

How To Make This Age Old Remedy You’ll Need:

1kg Red Onion

4 Lemons

10 Tbsp Raw Organic Honey

2 ½ liters water


Slice onion into small pieces and fry over medium heat. Add water and boil until 1/3 of the water evaporates.

Allow to cool. Add honey and the juice of 4 lemons.

Stir together and sit overnight. It’ll be ready in the morning!

To help heal lungs, take 1 Tbsp before every meal until lungs feel better. For children, use 1 tsp before every meal under healed.